Go ahead, make my day

The fact that my domain name was about to expire reminded me of this site… and I really should get writing more. I will. I promise. *cough* Anyway!… August has come around … which means silly season for news and current affairs programs… which means a bonus for me as, just like happened last year, ../[Continue reading]

These go to Eleven

I’m a fan of good music. The genre doesn’t really matter as long as it sounds great, says something and makes you feel something. I’ve created a few spotify playlists to try to a) make proper use of the app and b) share my favourites… these are (so far):- Driving, Summery Goodness and Classical classics ../[Continue reading]

I’ll have what she’s having

Featured image: Me with Jack Lukeman in Midlands 103, Feb 2017. So, as you may know, while the day  job is radio production (making the ads and making the station sound good basically), sometimes I get to jump into the presenters seat too. Last night, from 10pm to midnight, I filled in for Anne Marie ../[Continue reading]

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