Top TUNE! Thursday Nov 14th 2019

I missed this last week (VERY busy day!)- forgot to recommend/promote a song… and this week, the choice of tune is all too obvious. Still – once more unto the breach! The John Lewis Christmas advert has arrived, and this year it features a little girl and her over-eager dragon friend named Edgar who – ../[Continue reading]

Top TUNE! Thursday Oct 31st 2019

Happy Hallowe’en! This week’s Top TUNE! is one that’s been riding high on the BBC Radio 2 playlist for a few weeks now and to be honest, if it hadn’t been, I might not have heard it. I don’t think it’s getting much airplay here in Ireland … It’s a happy upbeat pop-rock number from ../[Continue reading]

Top TUNE! Thursday Oct 24th 2019

Featured image: Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra, performing at the Hollywood Bowl. This will make me update my blog more often. No, really. No, REALLY… it will. Really. The idea is this: Every Thursday, I’m going to recommend some music – new or old (hopefully new!) – for you to enjoy. Something – ideally ../[Continue reading]

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