Because I’m Happy

For a couple of weeks in July and the whole month of August, I’m presenting a 1-hour daily request show (weekdays at 11am) on Midlands 103 that only plays HAPPY songs. We get all sorts of requests – many of which I can’t really play (a fair few 60s/70s ones for example which are a ../[Continue reading]

How to Disappear Completely?

Ever wondered how to disappear completely? Wouldn’t it be hard to remove every trace of yourself online, take yourself out of “the system” etc.? Would it involve faking your own death? – Y’know, so that social security cards, ID cards, passports etc. would be rescinded or deleted. Could you leave everyone behind, change your identity, ../[Continue reading]

You sit on a throne of lies!

Featured image: Buddy the Elf, not impressed with Department Store Santa. What’s that you say? It’s been just over a month since my last entry? I said I’d do this weekly? Wait… what? You’re not saying that at all? You’re not really that bothered? Well okay then… I am, though. This was supposed to be ../[Continue reading]

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