Top TUNE! Thursday Nov 21st 2019

Time for a song recommendation – and this time it’s an oldie but a (very) goodie – inspired by a question I answered on twitter. The question was “name a great album from an obscure band”. My answer was “Throwing Copper by LIVE” – which fits the bill nicely: Great album – obscure band (they’d ../[Continue reading]

The Long Way

We moved home recently, leaving Drumcondra in the City Centre for Donabate in North County Dublin, meaning that my usual commute to work (in Tullamore) now includes two tolls, where it used to include just one. One of them is on the M50 – the ring road motorway around the capital, the other is on ../[Continue reading]

Top TUNE! Thursday Nov 14th 2019

I missed this last week (VERY busy day!)- forgot to recommend/promote a song… and this week, the choice of tune is all too obvious. Still – once more unto the breach! The John Lewis Christmas advert has arrived, and this year it features a little girl and her over-eager dragon friend named Edgar who – ../[Continue reading]

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