Go ahead, make my day

The fact that my domain name was about to expire reminded me of this site… and I really should get writing more. I will. I promise. *cough* Anyway!… August has come around … which means silly season for news and current affairs programs… which means a bonus for me as, just like happened last year, I’ve been given my own 1-hour daily music show on Midlands 103 which takes an hour away from the main daytime talk show from 11am to mid-day.

The show is called “Theme Tunes” and the idea of it is that it’s an hour of music on a different ‘theme’ each day… Themes so far have included: Boys names, Driving/Cars, The Weather, Religion, Happiness/Joy, Days of the Week, Success/Winning!, The Night, One-Hit Wonders, Clothing, Fire & Flames, Croke Park Headliners, TV & Radio Adverts, Siblings, Music from the Movies, Second Time Lucky (songs which weren’t hits when first released, but were on re-release), Classic Duets… and tomorrow I’m doing music from TV shows.

We’ve been trying to veer away from the “Songs that mention X in the title” type of theme (although this hasn’t always happened…) and go with ones that give us a good/varied playlist but also leave it wide open for listeners to request songs we may not have thought of. The interaction with the listeners has been great and I’m happy to say that it’s been an opportunity to experiment, to play around and to have some fun with the airwaves.

It’s also been an opportunity to “find myself” in a way. Someone once told me, it’s important to find your own voice when presenting on the radio… sounds easy, but it really isn’t. What is it that makes you “you” – that defines your style?… When people tell you to just ‘be yourself’, what does that really mean?

I’m a strong believer in just being yourself on the radio… well… unless you can be Broadway Bill Lee… but nobody really can!… although this guy made a pretty good stab at it!

Incidentally… someone told me how many listeners were tuned in during my time slot recently (it was in the tens of thousands) but I promptly forgot the number… and I’m glad I did, really! I like to imagine I’m talking to just one person!

There’s a week left of it, so I’ve been looking for theme suggestions from the listeners (via email).

Any ideas?


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