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Featured image: Supertramp, some time ago, looking happy.

I’m gonna write more often (I’ll aim for once a week at least), but anyway… for now:- I just stumbled across this video today and thought it was interesting…

Titled “Top 80 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers and Their Originals”, it awoke the cynic in me that readily said “oh right? We’ll see…”… Well it was right… I didn’t know – for a good number of them… and plenty of those I *did* know were lucky guesses.

When I saw the first track pop up on many of them, I was surprised… it sounded like what my brain would have filed away as the definitive version of the song, and I thought “really? that’s a cover?… you got me there!”… so, anyway, if anyone ever thought I was some sort of super music brain, there’s my “cover” blown, so to speak… although I’d challenge anyone to truthfully say that they knew most or *all* of these! I think I got roughly two thirds.

Half an hour well spent – 🙂

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