Because I’m Happy

For a couple of weeks in July and the whole month of August, I’m presenting a 1-hour daily request show (weekdays at 11am) on Midlands 103 that only plays HAPPY songs.

We get all sorts of requests – many of which I can’t really play (a fair few 60s/70s ones for example which are a little too old for our daytime playlist – we play chart music from roughly the early 80’s to today – and yesterday someone requested ‘Hakuna Matata’ from The Lion King…) – and many of which, of course, I can – and do.

It’s an uplifting show which is really quite fun to present and it includes fun features like the “Sunshine Story of the Day” – a happy news story to make you smile… those are harder to find than you’d think!

So far it’s going really well and has even included an outside broadcast from a new store in Portlaoise:-

As for the musical content, I’ve compiled a playlist on Spotify of songs that I may (or may not!) use on the show:-

Suggestions are welcome via email at happyhour@midlands103.com.

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