Top TUNE! Thursday Oct 24th 2019

Featured image: Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra, performing at the Hollywood Bowl.

This will make me update my blog more often. No, really. No, REALLY… it will.


The idea is this: Every Thursday, I’m going to recommend some music – new or old (hopefully new!) – for you to enjoy. Something – ideally – to kick off your day with a bang and make you feel great.

I’m getting the ball rolling this week with this catchy track which is a collaboration between a legendary dance producer, an equally legendary singer, and a British orchestra who perform mainstream, cult, experimental and popular music to arena crowds.

This one deserves not just to be turned up loud and enjoyed on great speakers in a radio studio, but to be enjoyed while wearing hotpants and zipping around a disco on rollerskates (imagine that there… get a good mental image!…)… but… I’ll just have to go with the studio option there. 😉

So!… Here’s Pete Tong with the Heritage Orchestra featuring Boy George on vocals with Symphony of You. Enjoy!

(from the new album Chilled Classics by Pete Tong & HER-O)

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