The Long Way

We moved home recently, leaving Drumcondra in the City Centre for Donabate in North County Dublin, meaning that my usual commute to work (in Tullamore) now includes two tolls, where it used to include just one. One of them is on the M50 – the ring road motorway around the capital, the other is on the M4 motorway in County Kildare, before it splits off to the M6, heading west.

Because of this, to avoid having a toll bill of more than twice what it used to be before the move, I now often skip the second toll and take the more minor road – leaving the M4 to go through Enfield, and onward via Moyvalley and Clonard to Kinnegad and then across the two motorways, returning to the motorway by joining the M6 near Ballinabrackey.

Sometimes I even take the real ‘long way’ to work to avoid both tolls. I’ll particularly do this when my GPS (the Waze app) is showing that there would only be a marginal difference in my arrival time – such as this morning when it told me it’d take 10 minutes longer than if I stayed on the (fairly clogged) M50 ring road. Normally, the difference is consiederably, as I leave early enough (about 6.45am) for the M50 not to resemble a car park, but as we get closer to the ‘festive’ season, that’s making less and less of a difference.

The long way takes me off the M50 at the N3 (so avoiding the toll which is between the N3 and N4 exits), out past Blanchardstown and through a few towns (including Summerhill) in County Meath before I arrive in County Westmeath at Kinnegad, where I return to the motorway on the M6 and continue to Tullamore.

This morning was a slightly frosty one (arriving in Tullamore, it was -3.5 degrees celsius), and as is often the case for mornings like that, the sky and countryside were looking particularly pretty, so – being someone who likes to focus on the positives – after stopping for diesel in the middle of nowhere, I turned on the “Hyperlapse” app to record my drive on my phone (mounted safely on the windscreen) for ‘posterity’ and later – when stopped for coffee in Kinnegad, I compiled the result, using the handy “Quik” app from GoPro into this video below:

… So that’s my version of “The Long Way”… and here’s The Coronas’ one 🙂

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