Top TUNE! Thursday Nov 21st 2019

Time for a song recommendation – and this time it’s an oldie but a (very) goodie – inspired by a question I answered on twitter. The question was “name a great album from an obscure band”. My answer was “Throwing Copper by LIVE” – which fits the bill nicely: Great album – obscure band (they’d had some success, mainly in the nineties, mainly in the U.S. – and very few people I know have heard of them).

Cue an almost instant reaction from numerous (all American) fans of the band LIVE, who – instead of appreciating that I was saying the album was great and that I’d highly recommend it – decided to take issue with the fact that I’d called the band ‘obscure’, with some of them even going to pains to point out sales statistics, chart positions reached, etc. to back up their frankly pointless argument.

My response to this was two-fold:- one being “It’s not about facts. You’re arguing with my opinion… which is pointless” and two: “It’s not up for debate. I don’t give a damn if you don’t agree”. Anyway, when that died down, I decided I’d take a positive from it and buy the album on vinyl, as there’s an excellent 25th Anniversary edition of it out now – and it arrived the other day:

So… my recommended song for this week? Track 5. Lightning Crashes. (Check out the LYRICS!) I hope to get a chance to play it on the radio some time soon.

Here’s the whole album – on Spotify:

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