I’m… Dreaming…

Monday of last week was my birthday. I turned 43. Yes, I know – I can’t believe it either. As has become a tradition between my wife and I for our respective birthdays, we flew away somewhere nice. She usually gets the better deal of it these days as her birthday falls just 2 days after our wedding anniversary and it’s at the end of April – so combining the better weather with the more momentous occasion to be marked, it tends to be a ‘bigger’ holiday. Still… Mine comes at the start of December, so with it comes Christmas markets, giant beers, mulled wine with added rum, wrapping up warm and this year – for the first time that I remember – snow on my actual birthday!

We flew to Vienna, checked out the Christmas markets there, then took a 3 hour train ride to Budapest (sitting in a cubicle on the carriage – somewhat like those in the Harry Potter movies), where we zipped around on the metro (and Lime electric scooters) checking out the sights, met up with my parents and three of my aunts, took a boat ride on the Danube and – on Monday – when we woke up to a white blanket covered city with snow freshly falling, went for a walk through the markets on a very memorable ‘White Birthday’… as shown in the video I compiled (see below):

While the Christmas markets are much better in Germany (I particularly loved the ones in Bremen), they were still really good in Budapest. The public transport is brilliant there, and it’s a beautiful city – a destination which I highly recommend for a (long) weekend away.

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