Friday Flashback – Dec 13th 2019: Amy Grant

This morning I had reason to hurriedly seek out a song from the early nineties as our Breakfast host (and star of the station), Ann-Marie Kelly had just played Ariana Grandè’s Christmas track “Santa Tell Me” near the end of her show and was wondering out loud (on air) just what nineties song it was that it reminded her so strongly of (or, as she said – ripped off so much that she *must* be paying royalties for it!).

The song was, of course, “Baby Baby” by Amy Grant from 1991 – a track which I had thought was a ‘one hit wonder’ but was actually far from it. She’s had many hits (most notably in the Contemporary Christian Music genre) and even hit No. 1 5 years before this song came out in a duet with Peter Cetera (called “The Next Time I Fall“).

Anyway – I found it just in time for Ann-Marie to play a clip of it and make the comparison on air before the show wrapped up for the morning…

…and does Ariana’s Christmas track does bear a striking resemblence? See for yourself:-

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