These go to Eleven

I’m a fan of good music. The genre doesn’t really matter as long as it sounds great, says something and makes you feel something. I’ve created a few spotify playlists to try to a) make proper use of the app and b) share my favourites… these are (so far):- Driving, Summery Goodness and Classical classics – any suggestions are welcome.The place I work happens to be a radio station… so the office I work in happens to be a studio:- and it just so happens that I have it to myself 90% of the time. It’s a nice studio too – with 2 computers (a PC & my own Mac), 4 screens, a music keyboard for Logic Pro, an Axia digital mixing desk, 2 audio-technica microphones and some half-decent speakers which I can turn up relatively loud without disturbing anyone (a combination of sound-proofed walls and me being well sequestered at the back of the building)… all just for me… so – most days of the week – I decide to kick off the working day with a song, played at decent volume on the speakers… just to blow off the cobwebs, set the mood, get things started… whatever.This was this morning’s – a superb cover of an AC/DC classic. “That’ll wake ya up in the mornin’!”, as they say…:


This was yesterday’s (I dipped in and out throughout the day) – considered by many to be Ludwig Van’s finest:

One from last week – speaks for itself:

… and another recent one – clichéd as it may be, it’s my favourite piece of classical music – possibly because of 2001 – A Space Odyssey, but also because it’s a perfectly fun and beautifully pure & simple piece of composition:


Another … which (as is obvious from the picture in the video) reminds me of playing FIFA on the PlayStation many years ago!:

One more, for good measure – the fantastic Rodrigo y Gabriela’s Hanuman, from the superb “11:11” album:

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